An APP Designed for Businessman 

This is an alarm clock designed for business travelers. The goal of this project is to design an alarm clock that allows the users to schedule events, check local information as well as set reminders.

Time: 05, 2017  |  Team Role: This is an individual project, interface design, user research 


The key feature of this function is to allow the user to check the schedule and weather information in a clear and creative way. By combining the information of weather and scheduling together, users can definitely save time.  


The key feature of this function is to help users set reminders in a more playful way by scrolling up and down.


The key feature of this function is to enable the users to schedule the event in a more efficient way.

  • By adding events in different categories users can have a clear big map in mind

  • Users can adjust the event sequence by just moving the floating modules.



The focus of this project was the visual skills. I tried different tools such as sketch AI and photoshop.

Finally, I can make good use of these tools and take advantages of them.