About This Project:


This project was done at the Startup Weekend Purdue ( 3.2-3.5 2018). Participants teamed up in the group of four, creating an MVP ( minimal viable product) and present to the judges. Our team was set out to create a solution for gym goers. 


About My role:


I contributed as the UX/UI designer in the team, leading the human-centered design process and create the visuals for the interface. My 3 teammates are Mason, Trevor, and Chenchen.  They are good at generating the business-model and the programming part. As a team, we collaborated together from defining the problem to the implementation demo. 

About The Design Process:


Solving the right problem and do it in a way what fits human needs and capabilities was what we want to achieve. Therefore, our design process was divided into two parts: figuring out the right problem and finding the right solution. The divergence and convergence thinking in the Double Dimond Model were used to help us in this human-centered design process.

Discover- Define- Ideation- prototype-validate is basically the process we went through


The Focus:


Due to the short time frame of this project, the focus of this project is:

Finding the right problem and create an MVP in 3 days.



Our team started with the user research to discover the problem gym goers encounter. We expanded the scope and trying to understand all the issues lied their. First, we distributed the survey through online channel and got 28 response, finding that the general problems are: lack of knowledge, schedule/time, persistence, and different levels of intimidation. 

Then we had the discussion on which we'd like to focus and avoid paying attention at this point. We finally decided to eliminate the lacking of knowledge/instruction and time issue because what we would like to focus is people who go to gym regularly, not the one plan to start the gym.

Then we set out to have deeper understanding about these problems. We interviewed 15 people in and out campus in total to figure out the reason behind. After the affinity diagramming, we found that there are 3 underlying problems behind the issue of persistence and levels of intimidation.

  • Find it hard with the goal tracking

  • No proper partner 

  • The difficulties in doing specific type of excercise

Reframed Problem Statement:

People who go to gyms are constantly failed and having different levels of intimidating.

Devise the interview protocol
Data analysis
Affinity diagramming(Sorting)





Do        Not-do





We then proposed an initial solution, the big idea of which is to help people find a partner to go to the gym together. 

By partnering with others, it will be helpful to reduce the different levels of intimidating, at the same time, to motivate others with the goal tracking by accumulating the points.



Four MVP functions were defined after the brainstorming, figuring out the most important ones and integrate others or just leave it out. We used the QOC framework ( Question, Options, Criteria) to help us with the decision-making process.



- Preference set up

- Goal /Plan tracking

- Profile editing



- Workout reminder

- Lead Board showcase

- Goal achieving progress

Search Partner

- Instant search

- Filter



- Check profile

- Send message